Tie-Dye Bandana with 3 petal Star Flower   ~  #3

Tie-Dye Bandana with 3 petal Star Flower ~ #3

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Rainbow Tie-Dye Bandana or head scarf and a 3 petal Star Flower design. 

Hello, my name is Carl, aka MrTieDye.  I am an Artist and I love the medium of tie-dye. I push the boundaries of tie-dye to place few people have seen. I am constantly asked "how did you do THAT with tie-dye?" 

I started twisting tees and splashing dye in August 2000 and quickly realized the unlimited potential of the tie-dye medium.  I have experimented with many techniques of tie-dye as I explored its history.  Now, along with my peers, I am boldly contributing to the future of this dynamic new face finally emerging in the World of Art ~ Tie-Dye!!