School Events


I love to help other people learn the art of Tie-Dye.  I will come to your school* and demonstrate how I tie and dye various patterns on tee shirts and then I help every student, teacher, and helper tie and dye their own wearable work of art.


We can work together to pick days that work for your students and my schedule.  I can dye with 3-4 groups of students per day with classes of 20-25 students (I have had group of up to 30, but they take a bit longer.  Normal time for a class is about one hour and then I like 15 minutes between classes so I can clean up the tables and re-fill the dye bottles.  If you have larger class sizes then I will need 1-1/2 hour per class.  So depending on the size of your school, I can help everyone tie-dye a tee in 2-5 days most of the time.


Your school, I will come to you.  I just need an inside space large enough for 8-10 tables (provided by the school and I will cover them with plastic)  Your gym or an un-used classroom or hallway works perfect.  I can stop by to check things out if that helps.  This is not the messy dunking tee shirts in a bucket tie-dye, I mix the dyes into squeeze bottle to apply it so it is fairly clean. But if spilled, the dye will wipe up from easily from any sealed floors like the gym or tiled/linoleum floors that have been sealed in some way.  So pick a spot for me to set up and then bring your students to me by class room groups.


My name is Carl McClellan, aka MrTieDye.  I have been working as an Artist in Residence in Schools for the last 15 years.  I will bring my lovely flowerchild, Julie, to run the dye station and we will need some of your parent helpers to make this event run smoothly and keeps the cost lower for the School, usually 3-4 helpers per day is good.  After the demo, I will help make sure every student has tied their tee correctly and then Julie and the parent helpers will help in the dye application. 


Once you decide to bring MrTieDye to your school, I will work with you so we can pick out dates that work for the school and myself.  Also, I require a non refundable 25% deposit, to schedule your dates, with the balance to be paid at the end of the event.

  • As we get closer to the dates, I will need a list of all of your students, by their classroom groups, along with their name and tee shirt size. 
  • Unless you prefer to provide the tees, I will buy the 100% cotton white tees, write each students name on a tag and sort them by classroom group, and prep them for the dye.
  • I will need you to ask for parent volunteers to help with the event, this allows me to keep my prices down for the School events, 3-4 per class works great, and even better if the same ones can stay for the whole day.
  • I will need a schedule from you showing what day and time each classroom will be doing tie-dye with me. ( hour long slots, with 15-30 minutes in between if possible, and 1-1/2 hour for larger classes)
  • on the first day of the event, I will need to show up an hour earlier than the first class so I can set up the space. At this time I will need access to the tables, 8-10 tables that are at least 6ft long.  At the end of each day it would be helpful and faster if I can leave the tables set up and leave some of my supplies there.
  • I will show up each day ready to tie-dye with your students/teacher/helpers/or whoever you invite to do tie-dye with us.  Depending on age I will demo between 3-8 designs, the older students get harder designs.
  • after the tees have been dyed, Julie will put them in a plastic bag and set aside, they will need to sit for at least 48 hours before they are washed. ( the School will need to provide some of the large black trash/leaf bags for the tee to be put in, one for each class. The Schools will do the washing of tees, I will provide verbal and written instruction along with the special soap to the teachers/parent helpers. (this also saves the school money, but for an extra charge I can do the washing or hire it out.)
  • I have some schools that like to hold an assembly to hand out the tees to the classes, if you want to do this, let me know and if at all possible I will be there to see the results of each students work.


For school events with less than 100 tees to be made, with the school doing the wash out of the tees afterwards.

  • $13.00 for youth size tees
  • $15.00 for adult size tees
  • $17.00 for 2X-3X tees
  • $19.00 for 4X-5X tees

For schools with more than 100 tees to be made, with the school doing the wash out of the tees afterwards.

  • $11.00 for youth sizes
  • $13.00 for adult size tees up to XL
  • $15.00 for 2X-3X tees
  • $17.00 for 4X-5X tees

I have not set rates for me doing the wash out, but we can talk about this option if you wish.

 * I am no longer doing School Events.  

* This page is left up for information purposes only for other Tie-Dye Artists who may want to do School Events.

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