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Hello, my name is Carl, aka MrTieDye. I am an Artist and I love the medium of tie-dye. I push the boundaries of tie-dye to place few people have seen. I am constantly asked "how did you do THAT with tie-dye?"

Great dyes, quality tees, and attention to detail, combined with my ability to embrace the random nature of liquid color equals an awesome new shirt for you to show off.*

I work with professional fiber reactive dyes called Procion dyes. These are the same type of dyes used by clothing manufacturers. The tees are Gildan Brand, and are 6.1 oz, 100% cotton.

I started twisting tees and splashing dye in August 2000 and quickly realized the unlimited potential of the tie-dye medium. I have experimented with many techniques of tie-dye as I explored its history. Now, along with my peers, I am boldly contributing to the future of this dynamic new face finally emerging in the World of Art ~ Tie-Dye!!

Want to learn how to create Tie-Dye Tees yourself??  Here is something to get you started : Beginner's Playlist 

* Not responsible for all of the extra attention and compliments you will receive while wearing one of my tees or dresses or yoga pants (well really I am, but I warned you).

To see my full inventory, click the Catalog link here or at the top of the page. Come back often as I will be adding more tees about every day until I have them all here. Thank you.

Peace Love Light and Laughter ~ Carl

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