3X Tie-Dye Snakey DNA Mid-Calf  Short Sleeve Play Dress

3X Tie-Dye Snakey DNA Mid-Calf Short Sleeve Play Dress

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3X tie-dye cotton dress.  (see size chart below)  Purple, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Blue and Teal.

Made of 100% cotton jersey (5.3 oz/sq yd) and sewn with care in the U.S.A. with cotton thread. Scoop neck, very nicely shaped and very flattering to wear. Rolled hems at neckline and armholes. Hemmed sleeves. 

This dress comes in three lengths: short, mid calf and long, as well as tank, short sleeve and long sleeve.

Perfect canvas for me to use in my secret tie-dye laboratory.  Each dress is prepped and then hand tied and dyed by me.  Ask me about a custom order and I will Dye for You!! 


SIZE         CHEST        LENGTH       SLEEVE

  S                 35                  46                7.25

  M                38                  47.5                8

  L                 40                  49                  8.5

  XL              42                   50.5                9

  2XL            47                   51.5                9

  3XL            50                    52                  9.5