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Tie-Dyed Summer Festival Skirt-Dress Adult Medium


Rainbow Summer Dress/Skirt   This is for all you swirlin' and twirlin' festival devotees…I have a skirt, er, I mean a dress, uh, I mean a skirt for you! It's a skirt and it's a dress! Hideaway straps let you wear this skirt as a dress. Stretchy smocked bodice (translates to waistband when worn as a skirt). This is a fabulous looking "flowing" item which will garner a lot of attention. Something all ages can wear. The skirt is easy to wear and flattering for a lot of figure types.

Can also work for those dancers or costumers out there who are looking for a customizable performance dress or skirt.  The shoulder straps are long enough to accommodate every body type.

Tiny self ruffle at top edge. Asymmetric skirt is like a giant rectangle when laid flat on the table. Turned and stitched bottom hem. 100% flat woven Bali Rayon. Sewn with cotton thread.


 SIZE              ELASTICIZED BAND             LENGTH               BAND

                      (relaxed  /stretched)               (short / long)

XS                       24 / 38                                  28 / 41                        6

S                         27 / 40                                  29 / 41                         7

M                         29 / 42                                  29.5 / 41                      7

L                         33 / 49                                   30 / 43                        7.5

XL                       36 / 52                                  31 / 44                         8

2x                       40 / 56                                   31 / 44                         8

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