Mystery Tee ~ 5X ~ Inspired Series of Discharged & Tie-Dyed Tees by MrTieDye

Mystery Tee ~ 5X ~ Inspired Series of Discharged & Tie-Dyed Tees by MrTieDye

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I had some Inspirations the other day and I am going to create a series of tees ... this will be a limited run at this time of this 'Yet to be Named Series'  .... first come first serve basis.  ✌🏻

If this Series is successful, I will do more Series of tees, but for now I am working with what I have on hand.  I have 13 tees that I will sell and then when the tees are complete, I will draw one name from the 'Buyers' and refund the cost of one of the tees. ✌🏻

I have a stack of Black tees that I plan to combine an old method I have played with and a new process, and then dye them in Rainbow Colors.  ✌🏻

Get yours now while you can, I do expect to have some extras as I Experiment ... so there may be a few extras for sale as well as some give aways. ✌🏻

I use Procion dyes which are professional strength commercial dyes, the colors stay bright for years.  I work with Gildan Ultra tees,  they are 6.1 oz, 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  

Great dyes, quality tees, and attention to detail, combined with my ability to embrace the random nature of liquid color, equals an awesome new shirt for you to wear and show off.  Each tee is handmade, so every tee shirt is unique.... I may be able to do one similar, but never exact.

Hello, my name is Carl, aka MrTieDye. I am a Dye Artist and I love the medium of tie-dye.  I push the boundaries of tie-dye to places few people have seen.  I am constantly asked "how did you do THAT with tie-dye?"
I started twisting tees and splashing dye in August 2000 and quickly realized the unlimited potential of the tie-dye medium. I have experimented with many techniques of tie-dye as I explored its history. Now, along with my peers, I am boldly contributing to the future of this dynamic new face now emerging in the World of Art ~ Tie-Dye!